Olive Oil Extra Virgin | Certified Organic

This is a mechanically expressed Certified Organic Olive oil with a very subtle fruit like odour ideal as a nourishing Base oil for dry skin,and in Cosmetic and Soap preparations.

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Common Name: Olive Oil Extra Virgin Certified organic

INCI Name: Olea europaea Fruit Oil

Origin: Spain

CAS Number: 8001-25-0

EINECS Number: 232-777-0

Description: Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the premium first single mechanical pressing of the Olive fruit, where no rectification or chemical refining takes place. The Oil is filtered through a centrifuge to remove the waxes and debris and water

Suggestions for Use: Perfect Base Oil for skincare blends, especially for Dry or sun damaged skin. Might be too viscous for some people so add a little Certified organic Sunflower Seed Oil to make it more mobile. Extra Virgin Olive Oils can be used neat on dry or scaly skin and easily penetrates to give your complexion a revitalised look.

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