Palmarosa Essential Oil | Certified Organic

Palmarosa Essential Oil Certified Organic by the Soil Association and COSMOS. Palmarosa has a Floral top note with hints of mint and herbs. Imported direct from the Certified Organic Distiller in Sri Lanka.
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Common Name : Palmarosa Essential Oil Certified Organic

INCI Name : Cymbopogon martinii oil

INCI Name : Cymbopogon martinii

Origin : Sri Lanka / Nepal / India / Comoros

CAS Number: 84649-81-0

Einecs Number: 283-461-2

Description : Steam distilled Essential Oil of the dried Palmarosa Grass yielding a pale Yellow to straw Yellow liquid. Palmarosa Oil is rich in Geraniol which when isolated, has a Rose like odour, leading to its use as an 'adulterant' or extender of Rose products.

Suggestions for use: Blends well with any of the floral, woody or herbaceous oils and popular in all skin care products. Good for nervous exhaustion or stress. Works very well when blended with Ylang Ylang, Amyris, and Guaiacwood Oils.

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