Patchouli Essential Oil

Distilled Essential oil of the Shade dried leaves of the Pogostemon Patchouli from Indonesia. One of the few essential Oils that actually get better with Age. The leaves will slightly ferment during the drying process which improves the distillation quality and yields.

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Common Name : Patchouli Essential Oil

INCI Name : Pogostemon cablin Leaf Oil

CAS No: 84238-39-1

EINECS No: 282-493-4

TSCA CAS No: 8014-09-3

FEMA: 2838

Origin : Sulawesi, Indonesia

Description : Steam Distilled Essential Oil from the dried leaves of the Pogostemon Patchouli plant. Once collected, the Patchouli Leaves are baled and left to dry in the shade for up to 5 days where they will be slightly fermented, to allow easier extraction of the essential Oil during the distillation process.

Suggestions for use: A distinctive Earthy, woody, slightly sweet oriental fragrance which will improve and evolve with age. The odour of freshly distilled material varies depending on the area of distillation. Patchouli Essential Oil blends well with Sandalwood, Oakmoss Absolute, Cedarwood Atlas and Clary Sage Oils. Patchouli is much used in fine fragrances, Woody / masculine bases and is worn neat as a perfume. It is popular in creams for dry skin problems and in vaporisation for stress-related complaints. Back in the '60's Hippie Generation, Patchouli was a very popular Oil, as it masked the scent of weed / cannabis.

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