Peach Kernel Oil Deodorised

Deodorised Peach Kernel Oil which is now approved for use in COSMOS Certified products.
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Common Name: Perach Kernel Oil Deodorised

INCI Name: Prunus Persica (Peach) Kernel Oil

Origin: Italy / Spain / South Africa

EC number: 281-678-7

CAS number: 8002-78-6

Description: Expeller pressed Oil from the cleaned and dried Peach Kernels and then deodorised before packing.

Suggestions for Use: Peach Kernel Oil deodorised is very rich in poly-unsaturated fatty acids. It is known for its anti-wrinkle, renovating and nutritive effects for all skin types, especially for dry and inflamed skin. Perfect for aromatherapy and massage oils as a replacement for Sweet Almond oil.

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