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The unique multi-functionality of Pentylene Glycol is now available as a sustainable plant derived, Palm Free, PEG free, eco-responsible and COSMOS approved ingredient. This particular quality of Pentylene Glycol natural is produced from renewable vegetable by-product from food production (corncob, sugarcane bagasse which is the dried pulp residue left over after the juice has been extracted). It combines the performance of Pentylene Glycol with an enhanced emphasis on social responsibility and environmental protection. Pentylene Glycol Natural is a clear colourless and odourless liquid.
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Common Name: Pentylene Glycol Natural

INCI Name: Pentylene Glycol

Chemical Name: 1,2-Pentanediol

Origin: France

CAS Number : 5343-92-0

EC Number : 226-285-3

Description: Pentylene Glycol is a natural and environmentally sustainable direct replacement for the Petrochemical derived ingredient whilst also being Palm Free and PEG free. Our Pentylene Glycol is sourced from Sugarcane and Corn by-product, so in effect it is extracted from residual waste. Pentylene Glycol Natural represents a unique option for the support and advancement of green cosmetics. It also provides an opportunity to replace a formerly petroleum-based ingredient with a vegetable derived environmentally friendly option and is suitable for 'natural' cosmetic products.

Suggestions for Use: Pentylene Glycol Natural is an Emollient, Skin humectant, Solubiliser and Antimicrobial protection agent and performs in Skin care, Hair care, Make-up, Perfumes & Toiletries. Recommended usage level is 0.5 - 5% with a pH range of 3.0> 10.0. Manufacturer advises for optimum efficacy of preservation, Pentylene Glycol Natural should be added to emulsions at the post-emulsification stage.


Pentylene Glycol Natural provides an overall pleasant, non-tacky and non-oily skin feel.

Pentylene Glycol Natural is a skin moisturiser with a long lasting effect comparable to that of Glycerin.

Pentylene Glycol Natural can help to solubilize and stabilize lipophilic ingredients in aqueous solutions.

Pentylene Glycol Natural shows a broad spectrum antimicrobial activity against yeasts, moulds, and bacteria. It disturbs the integrity of microbial cell membranes, a mechanism of action that is unlikely to be affected by resistance. Being a non-ionic ingredient, the anti-microbial effect of Pentylene Glycol Natural is largely pH-independent.

Pentylene Glycol Natural can act as a standalone antimicrobial protection agent. In addition, it can be easily combined with other classical or non-classical antimicrobial agents, to boost their preservation effects.

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