Pepper Black Essential Oil | Certified Organic

COSMOS Certified Organic Black Pepper Essential Oil imported direct from the distiller in Sri Lanka. Our Organic Black Pepper Oil has a richer, warmer, spicy, muskier odour compared to Indian Oil.
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Common Name : Black Pepper Essential Oil Certified Organic

INCI Name : Piper nigrum fruit Oil

Botanical Name : Piper nigrum

CAS Number : 8006-82-4

EINECS Number : 84929-41-9

Origin : Sri Lanka / Madagascar / India

Description : Steam Distilled Sun dried peppercorns yielding a fresh, peppery-spicy odour with a woody base note. Black Pepper Essential Oil Organic has a colourless to pale Yellow / Green colour and is known as the King of Spices.

Suggestions for use: Very popular as an ingredient for Warming and muscle recovery blends, and works well with Ginger Oil and Cardamom Oil.

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