Peppermint Essential Oil (USA)

Steam Distilled Essential Oil of Mentha piperita from USA. This is our premium grade Peppermint Oil.

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Common Name: Peppermint Essential Oil

INCI Name: Mentha piperita american herb oil

Origin: U.S.A.

Description: A pungent aromatic oil with more body than the Commercial grades of peppermint Arvensis Oils on the market. Peppermint is a actually a hybrid of Mentha spicata (Spearmint) and Mentha aquatica (Water Mint) plants.

Suggestions for Use: To supress feelings of nausea and as a pick me up for mental fatigue and tiredness. Mentha Piperita Oil is the volatile oil obtained from the whole plant of the Peppermint plant. Provides relief from headcolds and bronchitis in steam-inhalation. Pungent cool Menthol odour works well in Foot Lotions to give a cooling effect and in Soaps to give that sharp minty character. Avoid during pregnancy.

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