Rose Hip Fine Powder

Rose Hip Fine Powder is a Red to light Mustard coloured powder derived from the Rose Hip fruit. Produced from the airdried Rose Hip Fruit, where the skin is removed and then is cut and ground into a fine powder.
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Common Name: Rose Hip Powder

INCI Name: Rosa Canina Fruit Powder

Origin: Chile / China

CAS Number: 50-81-7

EINECS Number: 200-066-2

Description: Red to light mustard coloured Powder.

Suggestions for Use: Rose Hip Powder can be used as a Natural colourant in Cold Process Soaps where the suspended Powder can act as a secondary exfolient. You can add small amounts to your face Mask Blend as the naturally occuring Vitamin E contributes to a healthy complexion. Rose Hip Powder has a high fibre content and is rich in Vitamin C.

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