Rosemary Oil Wild

Steam Distilled Essential oil of Rosmarinus officinalis from Tunisia. This Oil is the Cineole rich variety with levels ranging from 40 - 55%

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Common Name : Rosemary Oil Wild

INCI Name : Rosmarinus officinalis Leaf Oil CT Cineole

Origin : Tunisia

CAS TSCA : 8000-25-7

Description : Steam Distilled Essential oil of Rosmarinus officinalis yielding a Pale Yellow to Yellow / Green coloured Essential oil with a sweet Eucalyptus like odour. The wild crafted plants grow between 500 - 600m altitude and due to location, most of the harvest is processed by han and manually cultivated.

Suggestions for use: Rosemary is a good oil to vaporise for mental alertness, also to use with lavender and marjoram for muscular aches and pains blends.

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