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Carthamus Tinctorius​ (Safflower) Oil is produced by the mechanical expression of the seeds. Also known as 'Thistle Oil'. Certified Organic Safflower has a high concentration of Linoleic Acid - Omega 6, and there is no VAT on this Oil.

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Common Name: Safflower Oil Certified Organic

INCI Name: Carthamus Tinctorius​ (Safflower) Seed Oil

Origin: Germany / Mexico

EINECS Number: 232-276-5

CAS Number: 8001-23-8

Description: Mechanical Expression of the certified Organic Safflower Seed of Carthamus Tinctorius yielding a multi-use Yellow to Orange coloured carrier Oil.

Suggestions for Use: Safflower Oil has a high Linoleic Acid - Omega 6 content making it popular for Acne and problem skin conditions. It is mild enough to use in Babycare products and Childrens skincare. Certified Organic Safflower Seed Oil is not prone to rancidity so helps contribute to a longer shelf life for your products.

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