Sandalwood Oil Australian | Certified Organic

An environmentally friendly and sustainable alternative to Indian Sandalwood Oil. A pure, COSMOS Organically Certified Sandalwood Oil which we import directly from the certified Organic distiller in Western Australia.

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Common Name : Sandalwood Oil Australian Certified Organic

INCI Name : Santalum spicata wood oil

Origin : Western Australia

Description : The Australian Santalum spicatum grows mainly is central and southern Western Austraila. The Sandalwood Trees can grown up to 5 Metres height and need a host plant to thrive and survive. Like Indian Sandalwood, the Sandalwood spicatum, is a hemi parasite, drawing water and nutrients from a host plant, usually Acacia Trees, also known as Wattles locally. The added advantage of Acacia Trees is they are a rich source of Nitrogen, crucial for the development and growth of the Sandalwood trees. Essential Oil distillation is Government controlled, which helps prevent over production of the Oil and maintaining long term supplies of the wood. Australian Sandalwood is ready for distillation after 7 years, whereas, Indian Sandalwood can take up to 30 years before it is ready for distillation. When distilled, Certified organic Sandalwood is a colourless to Yellow viscous Oil with an intense sweet Woody odour.

Suggestions for use: An environmentally friendly and sustainable alternative to Indian Sandalwood Oil. Certified Organic Australian Sandalwood can be used in both Fine Fragrance and a broad range of Cosmetics and Toiletries. It is reported that Australia currently supplies 80% of the worlds Sandalwood, as supplies of authentic Agmarked Sandalwood Oil continue to decline.

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