Madder Root Powder | Natural Dye

Our Madder Root Powder is manufactured from fresh dehydrated Madder Root Cut and then ground into a fine Light powder. Derived from Botanical source and 100% natural product.
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Common Name: Madder Root Powder.

INCI Name: Rubica Tinctoria.

Origin: Iran / India

Description: Red/orange to red/brown coloured powder.

Suggestions for Use: Madder Root Powder can create various shades of Pink, Purple and Red depending on the concentration you require in your Soap or Cosmetic product. Packed in resealable zip seal bag to maintain the freshness and durability of the Powder. If you are using Madder Root Powder in Soapmaking, always do a small batch first as the colour variation will depend on the amount of Powder used. If you add to Clear M&P the colours can vary from Deep Red to Orange, whereas if used in White M&P the results lean more toward the Pink spectrum.

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