Spirulina (Algae) Powder | Certified Organic

Spirulina Powder is a modern day superfood, rich in B Vitamins and Minerals. Spirulina can also be used as a natural Green colourant in the manufacture of Cold Process Soaps. Our Spirulina Powder is Vegan Friendly and is now certified Organic.
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Common name: Spirulina (Algae) Powder Certified Organic.

INCI Name: Spirulina platensis

Botanical Name: Arthrospira platensis

Origin: Peoples Republic of China

Description: Dark Green coloured free flowing powder

Suggestions for Use:Certified Organic Spirulina Powder is a nutrient dense, dark green free flowing powder, containing all of the essential amino acids with many vitamins and minerals, including B Vitamins and Iron.Very popular as a healthy ingredient in antioxidant rich shakes and smoothies. In Cosmetics and Soaps, it can be successfully used as a Natural colourant, from Light Green through to Dark green, based on the concentration of Powder and the desired colour tone required. Its also very Popular in Face Masks and skin regenerating creams.

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