Squalane Natural | Olive Derived

Squalane provides elasticity to the skin and regulates moisture loss due to its deep moisture retention properties. It is 100% vegetable derived from Olive Oil. Gluten Free and Vegan friendly.

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Common Name:  Squalane Natural ex Olive Oil

INCI Name:  Squalane / Olea Europaea Fruit Oil

Origin:  Spain

CAS Number : 111-01-3

EINECS number: 203-825-6

Description:  100% olive derived - Excellent spreading properties - Leaves a pleasant, non-greasy afterfeel on the skin. Squalane is not water soluble, but blends well with most Carrier Oils.

Suggestions for Use: Suitable for use in skin care, sun care and colour cosmetics. Our 100% Plant-Derived Squalane is stable against degradation and colouring and has a long shelf life. Squalane provides elasticity to the skin and regulates against moisture loss.

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