Sucrablend SP V2 | COSMOS Approved Emulsifier

Sucrablend SP V2 is a 100% natural ingredient made from a blend of 2 Sugar esters, to be used with Sucragel to improve its high temperature stability. This product comes in a white powder form. It is COSMOS approved and Vegan friendly.


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Common Name :  Sucrose Ester Blend SP V2

INCI Name :  Sucrose Stearate; Sucrose Palmitate.

Origin :  U.K.

CAS No: 25168-73-4 & 26446-38-8

EINECS No: 246-705-9 & 247-706-7

Description : Sucrose Ester Blend SP V2 is made from a blend of two sugar esters, it is safe, mild and suitable for natural formulations (COSMOS approved).

Suggestions for use: Sucrose Ester Blend SP V2 is an ingredient used at 0.5% in conjunction with Sucrose Ester Gel to improve the high temperature stability of oily gels. Sucrose Ester Blend will not affect the clarity or viscosity of the oily gels, it just structures the gel to make it more robust and less prone to oil leaching at temperatures of up to 50°C.

Certification Status: COSMOS Approved

000.00% PeMo

000.00% PPAI

100.00% CPAI

000.00% NNI

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