Sucrose Ester Gel AP V2

Sucrose Ester Gel AP V2 is a COSMOS approved Oil free version grade of sucrose gel, which makes it a more cost effective and easy to use liquid emulsifier and thickener. Manufactured from ingredients of strictly vegetable origin.
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INCI Name :  Glycerin, Aqua, Sucrose Laurate.

Origin :  U.K.

CAS No: 56-81-5, 7732-18-5, 25339-99-5

EINECS No: 200-289-5, 231-791-2, 246-873-3

Description : Gel AP V2 is an Oil free version / grade of Sucrose Laurate gel, which makes it a more cost effective and easy to use liquid.

Suggestions for use:100% natural COSMOS approved emulsifier and oil thickener. Supplied as an easy-to-use liquid, and perfect for clear gel-to-milk cleansers, and many other cosmetic formulations. Gel AP V2 can be used to gel most oily materials with a usage level of about 10-15%, adding the oil phase into the Gel AP V2 under vigorous stirring. The oily gel can be washed off very easily because as so on as water is added it emulsifies into a milky liquid. It can also be used in mild, low foaming products with a usage level of 25-30% and it can be used to make milks, lotions and creams by adding an oil phase followed by a water phase using Gel AP V2 at 4-6%.

BENEFITS:- Biodegradable / Easy to use liquid form / No heating required as it can be used at room temperature / Safe to use (food grade) / Easily washes off


Certification Status: COSMOS Approved

00.00% PeMo

83.00% PPAI

00.00% CPAI

00.00% NNI

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