Sucrose Ester Gel XL

Sucrose Ester Gel XL is a liquid which acts as a natural oil thickening agent which allows for completely cold-process formulations. Designed with a built-in heat stabiliser it cuts processing time by eliminating the need to add any additional stabilising agents. Manufactured from ingredients of strictly vegetable origin.
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Common Name : Sucrose Ester Gel XL

INCI Name :  Glycerin, Caprylic / Capric Triglyceride, Aqua, Sucrose Laurate & Sucrose Stearate.

Origin : U.K.

Description : Sucrose Ester Gel XL is a liquid which acts as natural oil thickening agent and cold process emulsifier.

Suggestions for use: Sucrose Ester Gel XL as an easy-to-use liquid, and perfect for Spa products like face masks, Body scrubs and Massage Gels. Sucrose Ester Gel XL can be used to gel most oily materials with a usage level of about 20-25%, adding the oil phase into the Sucrose Ester Gel XL under vigorous stirring. It can also be used in o/w emulsions at concentrations between 5% - 10%. Manufacturer recommends that formulations must remain between pH 4-8 at all times for maximum effect.

BENEFITS:- Biodegradable / Easy to use liquid form / No heating required as it can be used at room temperature / Preservative free / Easily washes off


Certification Status: COSMOS Approved

00.00% PeMo

89.30% PPAI

00.00% CPAI

00.00% NNI

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