Vitamin E Oil (Wheatgerm) Natural

A Natural Oil derived from Wheatgerm Oil with added Natural Tocopherols for improved antioxidant properties. A minimum 0.15% Tocopherol content, makes it a ready to apply carrier oil for use in any skin care formulation to protect and regenerate the skin.
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Common Name: Natural Vitamin E Oil

INCI Name: Triticum vulgare oil, tocopherol

Origin: Italy / U.K.

EINECS Number: 281-689-7

CAS Number: 68917-73-7 / 84012-44-2

Description: Naturally occurring vegetable oil obtained from the germ of Triticum vulgare. The oil may be in a refined, bleached or deodorised state. Not comparable or to be confused with the Vitamin E Synthetic, the much thicker and viscous antioxidant.


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