Wheatgerm Oil Expressed | Certified Organic

Mechanically expressed COSMOS Certified Organic Carrier oil of Triticum vulgare. A viscous dark Orange / Red oil with a distinctive odour. Rich in Vitamin E and Linoleic Acid, this Oil lends itself to skincare formulations for dry and mature skin types.
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Common Name : Wheatgerm Oil Expressed COSMOS Organic

INCI Name : Triticum vulgare Oil

CAS No: n/a

EINECS No: 281-689-7

Origin : Germany / U.K.

Description : Our COSMOS Organic Wheatgerm Oil Expressed is obtained by mechanical expression of the Wheat kernel (seed). It has a deep Red / Orange colour and should not be confused with the Light Yellow coloured Oil which is Refined Wheatgerm Oil.

Suggestions for use: Our COSMOS Organic Expressed Wheatgerm Oil is rich in antioxidents like Vitamin E, with primary use in Mature skin care products. Wheatgerm oil is known to be a rich and nourishing healing oil. The rich Vitamin E content in certified Organic Wheat Germ Oil makes it useful for many skins types, especially dry or prematurely aged skin along with certain types of eczema or psoriasis. Wheat Germ Oil is great for stretch marks, and helps to preserve other oils while being a valuable addition to creams, lotions, massage oils and soaps.

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