Ylang Ylang Complete Oil | Certified Organic

This is the complete Ylang Ylang Certified Organic Essential oil of Cananga odorata containing all the fractions from the process of uninterrupted distillation imported direct from our Certified Organic distiller in Madagascar.

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Common Name : Ylang Ylang Oil Complete Certified Organic

INCI Name : Cananga Odorata Flower Extract

Botanical Name:Cananga odorata forma genuina (Lam.) Hook. Fils & and Thomson (Baillon)

CAS TSCA : 8006-81-3

Origin : Madagascar / Comoros Islands

Description : Steam Distillation of the freshly collected Ylang Ylang flowers unique to the Indian Ocean region. Although harvesting of the Ylang Ylang Flowers takes place all year round, the scent is more intence between October / March. The Flowers are quite delicate, so collections take place from sunrise and finish by 9-00 a.m. most days, depending on how far the collection points are from the still. The collected flowers are taken straight to the distillery, and they spoil very quickly. We import all of our Ylang Oils direct from the certified organic distiller in Madagascar.

Suggestions for use: This is the complete Essential oil of Cananga odorata containing all the fractions from the process of distillation. Slightly less heavy than the Ylang extra, it's fragrance is slightly longer lasting and ideal for blending Face Oils and Massage blends. We usually buy our Ylang between October and March when the fragrance of the Flowers are at their most intense.

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